Kappa Sushi "Draft Beer Half Price Coupon"

"Draft beer half price coupon" will be delivered on the official Kappa Sushi app. Limited time offer from February 12th to 28th.

Kappa Sushi's annual "Draft Beer Half Price Campaign" exclusively for official app members will be held in February as well. During the campaign period, draft beer will be offered at half price no matter how many people drink it.

By presenting the target coupon, Asahi Super Dry (draft beer size), which is usually 649 yen (tax included), and Asahi Super Dry (draft beer), which is usually 429 yen (tax included), are offered at half price. It will be held at all Kappa Sushi stores, except for stores that stop selling alcohol all day long.

Cannot be used in combination with other coupons. However, coupons for draft beer large, draft beer medium, drink bar, and children's drink bar can be used together. Only for in-store food and drink, and can be used only when paying 1,000 yen (tax included) or more per group. Asahi Dry Zero is not applicable.