Denny's "Strawberry Dessert" 2nd

The second seasonal "Strawberry Dessert" will be available for Denny's on February 16th. There are two types, "Amaou's pudding a la mode" and "Strawberry French toast".

Following the first strawberry dessert that appeared in January. The selling price is 713 yen (tax included). The contents of each are as follows.

Strawberry french toast

Denny's "Strawberry Dessert" 2nd

"Strawberry French Toast" is made as a homemade sweet with bright red strawberries. Strawberries and condensed milk, two types of cream enhance the taste, and the French toast that is baked after ordering is also characterized by a soft surface and a moist and melty texture inside. The finish goes well with Denny's original strawberry ice cream.

Amaou's pudding a la mode

Denny's "Strawberry Dessert" 2nd

"Amaou's pudding à la mode" is made as a strawberry dish with a cute appearance that tickles your heart. Raw "Amaou" strawberries are placed on custard pudding with plenty of raw milk and eggs.

As the name implies, "red, round, big, delicious", it features large round red fruits. In addition, there are stores where Amaou is not handled, and "Tochiotome" is posted there.

In addition to this, i-strawberry cream that melts in the mouth and smooth condensed milk cream are also used, and strawberry sorbet and strawberry jelly are also added. The strawberry varieties used in sorbet, ice cream, jelly, cream, and sauce are not Amaou and Chiotome.