Haagen-Dazs Suite Terrace

Haagen-Dazs will release "Sweet Terrace (Cookies & Green Tea, Strawberries & Milk Chocolate Fudge)" assorted boxes with dessert flavors that are perfect for spring tea time. Limited time offer from March 9th.

Assorted colorful flavors that are perfect for spring and summer. The three flavors that can only be enjoyed with this product are as follows.

Cookies & green tea

Add chocolate cookies that spread the flavor of cacao to green tea ice cream. The rich flavor of green tea ice cream is accented by the texture of chocolate cookies.

Strawberry & milk

Mix sweet and sour strawberry sorbet and milk ice cream in a marble shape. The refreshing strawberry flavor enhances the richness of milk ice cream.

Chocolate fudge

I mixed chocolate sauce with milk ice cream. You can enjoy the classic taste of milk ice cream and thick chocolate sauce.

Assortment of 6 70ml (2.37us fl oz) cups, 2 for each flavor. The estimated price is 880 yen (excluding tax). Handled at supermarkets, convenience stores, department stores, etc. nationwide.