At each Yoshinoya store, "Negi-ra oil beef bowl" and "Negi-sansho beef bowl"

At each Yoshinoya store, two types of beef bowl menus using green onions, "Negi-ra oil beef bowl" and "Negi-sansho beef bowl," will be released on February 12. Furthermore, for a limited time from the release to February 27, a campaign will be held to commemorate the release of the product with a 29 (Niku) yen discount.

Green onion chili oil beef bowl

Gyudon is accented with the spicy spiciness of chili oil and white onions, and the crispy texture of white onions. A dish that goes well with food.

Green onion sansho beef bowl

A beef bowl with a sweet and spicy special sauce of "Negitama beef bowl", which is popular among Yoshinoya beef bowl fans. The special sauce of "Negitama Gyudon" is fragrant with gochujang and sesame oil, so it goes well with white onions. Sprinkle the desired amount of Japanese pepper on the white onion with the special sauce and eat it. The Yoshinoya sansho is a sansho that has a strong scent while suppressing the spiciness, further enhancing the taste of "gyudon" and white onions.

The prices are 440 yen for small, 460 yen for average, 630 yen for large, and 750 yen for special (excluding tax). The campaign period until February 27 will be discounted by 29 yen each. Some stores are not available.