Tenya "Kamitendon Bento"

A "Energetic Support" campaign will be held at Tendon Tenya. From February 15th to 21st, you can get a discount on the "Kamitendon Bento" for To go.

Similar to the campaign of the same name that was held from January 18th to 24th last time, the upper tendon lunch box is usually 650 yen (tax included, the same applies below), but it is 150 yen cheaper and 500 yen. In-store food and drink and delivery are not eligible.

The stores that are not eligible and the stores that are closed during the campaign period are as follows.

Tenya "Kamitendon Bento"

Not applicable stores ・ Tempura Tenya (Hiratsuka Tamura store)
・ Mirai Dining Bunkyo Green Court store ・ Ryogoku store ・ Stores in the expressway service area ・ Stores in the airport ・ Stores in Hokkaido, Tohoku, Chubu Tokai Hokuriku, and Kyushu

Closed store, Akishima Mori Town store (February 16)
・ Cial Prat Higashikanagawa store (February 16)
・ LaLaport Kashiwanoha store (February 16)
・ Seiseki-Sakuragaoka store (February 16)
・ Tressa Yokohama store (February 16)
・ Beans Akabane store (February 17th)
・ Minamisunamachi Shopping Center SUNAMO store (February 18)
・ Urawa store (February 18, 19, 20)

However, even in areas not covered by the principle, the Fukushima-Minami Bypass store in Fukushima prefecture and the Tenjin store in Fukuoka prefecture will carry out the full schedule campaign. In addition, the Higashi Shizuoka store and Karase store in Shizuoka prefecture will be held on dates other than February 18th and 19th.

In addition, the closing time will be shortened to 20:00 at some stores in response to the issuance of a declaration of urgency and the request of each local government. To go and delivery are available at some stores after 20:00. You will be instructed to check the specific response of each store on the store announcement and delivery application / site.