Ramen Kairikiya's "Salt Meat Soba" and "Dandan Noodles"

Ramen Kairikiya sells "salt meat soba" at the roadside shop and "dandan noodles" at the food court shop. The price is 750 yen (excluding tax). The sale period is until March 31st.

At Ramen Kairikiya, two types of limited-time products have been released so that they can be enjoyed at both roadside stores and food court stores. "Salt meat soba" is the first menu to appear.

■ Kairikiya
Kyoto Kitashirakawa Ramen Kairikiya was born in 2005 in the fierce battlefield of ramen in Kitashirakawa, Kyoto. Our signature product has been developed under the concept of "Kyoto backfat soy sauce ramen that is light but rich and deep."

・ The salt sauce soup that traps the flavor of pork and bean sprouts in a wok with salted meat soba is exquisite! It is a dish that you can enjoy the texture of hearty pork and crispy bean sprouts with thin noodles.

Ramen Kairikiya "Salt Meat Soba"

・ Dandan noodles The standard limited edition product of Ramen Kairikiya, "Dandan noodles," is back again this year! The sesame-based sauce, which is the basis of the soup, has been changed many times to bring out the sesame flavor to the maximum. The minced meat that goes well with the sesame soup has a strong presence without being overstated, and you can enjoy the rich dandan noodles by mixing it with the soup and drinking it. In addition, the colorful bok choy is added and accented with chili oil to create the beautiful-looking THE dandan noodles.

Ramen Kairikiya "Tandan Noodles"