Imuraya "Tofu with Lactic Acid Bacteria"

Recently, the demand for foods that can be expected to improve immunity is increasing, and "lactic acid bacteria" contained in natto and yogurt are attracting attention. Meanwhile, Imuraya will release "Tofu with Lactic Acid Bacteria" on February 16th (excluding Hokkaido and Kyushu). 120g (4.23oz) x 2 pieces, the estimated price is 150 yen (excluding tax).

"Tofu with lactic acid bacteria" is a tofu developed using "Shield Lactic Acid Bacteria" owned by Morinaga Milk Industry, making use of Imuraya's bean processing technology. Using domestic soybeans and bittern from Goto-nada, Nagasaki Prefecture, it has a rich taste.

Imuraya "Tofu with Lactic Acid Bacteria"
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Contains 10 billion "shielded lactic acid bacteria" per tofu. There is no change in taste and flavor due to the combination of "Shield Lactic Acid Bacteria", and the taste of tofu remains the same. No preservatives are used, but the best-by date is 45 days, which is a "long life". It is also convenient for stocking.

● What is Shield Lactic Acid Bacteria? "Shield Lactic Acid Bacteria" are heat-sterilized cells selected from the thousands of strains owned by Morinaga Milk Industry. It has the characteristics of "enhancing immunity," "human-derived lactic acid bacteria," and "effective even when heat is applied."