Calbee Plus "Pumpkin no Hokoko"

"Pumpkin no Hokoko", a baked confectionery made from vegetables, is on sale from February 8th at some of the antenna shops "Calbee Plus" and at the Calbee Plus online shop. The price is 702 yen (tax included) for 12 pieces.

Calbee has developed many products with various textures that take advantage of the deliciousness of ingredients such as vegetables and beans. Creating a product with a new texture while maintaining the deliciousness of the ingredients was a major issue.

"Pumpkin no Hokoko" is a snack confectionery concept that the developer looks at a sample of a product that broke during trial production and said, "If you make it finer and harden it, it will have a different texture than before." A product born from an idea that is not bound by. At the beginning of development, there was a problem that the crushed product was difficult to organize as a dough, but by baking the dough in two layers, the inside was slightly soft and the outside was crispy and light.

The elegant sweetness of pumpkin is accented by the grainy texture of the skin. It was named "Hokoko" because of its characteristics of "I want you to enjoy a relaxing time" and "It looks like it's rolling".

Calbee Plus "Pumpkin no Hokoko"

The package is a simple design for adults, with a pumpkin-like orange color and a texture like Japanese paper. Since the contents are placed on trays that are separated one by one, they are not scattered and the packaging is easy to pick up.

The stores are Calbee Plus Tokyo Station, LaLaport EXPOCITY, and JR Kyoto Isetan. Inside Calbee's official online shop "Calbee Marche".

* The actual release date may be slightly delayed depending on the store.
* Depending on the store, it may not be available or may be sold out and sold out.