Potato recipe

We have compiled a recipe for deliciously eating "potatoes" that are easy to store and use. "Potato sesame miso ae" "Miso butter meat potato" "Salmon potato butter soy sauce fried" 3 dishes. Please use it as a side dish tonight.

Potato sesame miso

Potato recipe summary

The only main ingredient is potatoes! When you want one more dish, this is an excellent side dish that you can make quickly in the microwave. Perfect for drinking!

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Miso butter meat potato

Potato recipe summary

A recipe for "miso butter meat potatoes" that is seasoned with miso and butter, which goes well with potatoes. Add sweetness with corn and finish it with a warm taste.

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Stir-fried salmon with potato butter and soy sauce

Potato recipe

An exquisite side dish "Salmon Jaga Butter Stir-fried in Soy Sauce" arranged by adding salmon to Jaga Butter. The sweetness of potatoes, the richness of butter, and the aroma of soy sauce combine to add the umami of salmon, making adults and children smile.

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