Lotteria "Chocolate Happy Ghana Milk Chocolate Pie" Campaign

At each Lotteria store, the "Chocolate Happy Ghana Milk Chocolate Pie" campaign will be held from February 8th to February 14th (excluding some stores).

Lotteria has been developing Lotteria original sweets using Lotte "Ghana Milk Chocolate" every year since 2010. In September of last year (2020), "Ghana Milk Chocolate Pie" was sold for a limited time and has been well received by many people.

This time, a coupon plan will be held for a limited time to enjoy "Ghana Milk Chocolate Pie" at a great price according to Valentine's Day. When ordering "Ghana Milk Chocolate Pie", if you show the target coupon on the Lotteria official website at the cash register, it will be offered at 150 yen, which is a 30 yen discount from the regular price of 180 yen. * Price does not include tax

"Ghana Milk Chocolate Pie" is a Lotteria original sweet that is characterized by the thick texture of chocolate and the crispy texture of pie crust. Lotte "Ghana Milk Chocolate" is used, which has a rich milky taste and a smooth mouthfeel.

Lotteria "Ghana Milk Chocolate Pie"