Pepper Lunch "Reprinted Beef Meat Hamburger"

"Spicy Gari Bata Pepper Rice" will be on sale for a limited time from February 4th at each Pepper Lunch store. In addition, the popular menu "Reprinted beef meat lump hamburger" will be reprinted and sold from the day. The topping "cheese" will also reappear.

"Spicy Gari Bata Pepper Rice" is a popular pepper lunch product "Pepper Rice" sprinkled with garlic butter sauce and topped with spices and fried garlic. Garlic and butter are scented each time the rice is mixed, and the roasted spices are appetizing. Recommended for those who want to change their usual taste. The price is 780 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below). At the same time, "Spicy Gari Bata Pepper Rice with plenty of meat" (980 yen) will be prepared. Limited time sale until March 17th.

Pepper Lunch "Spicy Gari Bata Pepper Rice"

On the other hand, "Reprinted beef meat hamburger steak" is a renewal of the popular meat hamburger steak. A full-fledged hamburger steak has been completed with a focus on "flesh" and "umami". Two types of meat, coarsely ground and finely ground, are combined to further enjoy the texture. In addition, by adding Japanese beef tallow and rock salt from France, it is finished more deliciously. With rice, the price is 200g (7.05oz) 920 yen, 300g (10.58oz) 1,220 yen. Rice is free up to "Omori" and 100 yen off with "None".

Pepper Lunch "Reprinted Beef Meat Hamburger"

In addition, the topping cheese, which will be re-appeared at the same time, is a blend of Gouda cheese and mozzarella cheese, which further improves the growth. It becomes easier to get entangled with hamburger steak and pepper rice, and you can feel more cheese. The price is 90 yen. W (double) cheese is 180 yen.

Pepper Lunch "Topping Cheese"