Press butter sand "Butter sand [white]" "Butter sand [Amaou strawberry]"

"PRESS BUTTER SAND", a butter sand specialty store, will release "Butter Sand [White]" and "Butter Sand [Amaou Strawberry]" on February 15th.

"Butter Sand [White]" is a new flavor of butter sand using white chocolate. Vanilla bean paste made from organically grown vanilla beans is used for the cookie dough. The chocolate caramel is kneaded with milky white chocolate that melts in the mouth and is scented with mellow rum. The balance is adjusted so that the sweetness of vanilla and the scent of rum enhance the deliciousness of white chocolate caramel.

Press butter sand "Butter sand [white]"

The price is 1,350 yen for 5 pieces and 2,430 yen for 9 pieces (tax included, same below). The sale period is from February 15th to March 31st. Press butter sand Available at all domestic stores, BAKE Inc. official online shop "BAKE THE ONLINE", and some special event stores. * Narita Airport Terminal 2 store and Haneda Airport Terminal 2 store are currently closed.

Press butter sand "Butter sand [white]"

During the period, "freshly baked butter sand [white]" will appear at the Tokyo Station store and Hakata Station store. We press each one in front of you and serve freshly made butter sand. The price is 270 yen per piece.

Press butter sand "Butter sand [white]"

"Butter Sand [Amaou Strawberry]" will be available in all Kyushu stores for a limited time. Sandwich two layers of butter cream with Amaou strawberry jam and butter caramel with concentrated Amaou strawberry juice in a cookie that is carefully pressed and baked. You can enjoy the fluffy and gorgeous scent just before you put it in your mouth, the refreshing flavor that harmonizes sweetness and acidity, and the texture of crispy cookies.

Press butter sand "Butter sand [Amaou strawberry]"

The price is 1,242 yen for 5 pieces and 2,235 yen for 9 pieces. The sale period is from February 15th to May 9th.

In addition, "Assorted 2 types of butter sand [white]" (810 yen for 3 pieces, 1,620 yen for 6 pieces), which is an assortment of standard butter sand and butter sand [white], butter sand, butter sand [white], butter A "Spring / Butter Sand 3 Kinds Set Box" (3,800 yen) with assorted sand [Amaou Strawberries] will also be available. The sale period is from February 15th to March 31st.

Press butter sand "Spring / butter sand 3 types set box"