Fujiya Restaurant "Choice of fresh pasta and great value set menu"
The source of the image is the official website

At each Fujiya restaurant, "a set menu with a choice of fresh pasta" is now on sale (excluding some stores). The price is 1,390 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below).

"Choice of fresh pasta and great value set menu" is a great value set where you can add your favorite dessert and drink to 5 kinds of fresh pasta you can choose. You can choose from 5 types of fresh pasta: "Snow crab and rape blossom saffron cream", "Snow crab and shrimp Americaine sauce", "Pescatore", "Beef fillet and this luxurious bolognese", and "Carbonara".

For dessert, in addition to "milky soft serve ice cream coffee jelly", "strawberry milky soft serve" and "chocolate banana milky soft serve", you can also choose your favorite cut cake from the showcase for an additional charge of 100 yen.

Drinks can be selected from coffee (hot ice), juice (orange apple), tea (hot ice), and Coca-Cola. You can enjoy it at the drink bar at the drink bar stores.

Also, if you order the "Choice of fresh pasta and a great deal on the set menu", you can get a salad for 190 yen.

* The contents of the desserts you can choose at the Kamakura store are different.
* Not sold at Sukiyabashi store, Ikebukuro Tobu store, Funabashi Tobu store, Narita International Airport store, Sendai Anpanman & Peko's Kitchen, Nagoya Anpanman & Peko's Kitchen, Kobe Anpanman & Peko's Kitchen, Fukuoka Anpanman & Peko's Kitchen. ..