Ozeki "Dreaming Hitsuji Cool Nigori Sake"

Ozeki will release a bottle of sake "Dreaming Hitsuji Cool Nigori Sake" on March 1st. Limited time until the end of September.

"Dreaming Sheep Cool Nigori Sake" is a limited-time product of "Junmai Nigori Sake Dreaming Sheep", which has gained popularity due to the combination of cute sheep illustration labels and nigori liquor since it was released in September 2020. 180ml (6.09us fl oz) bottled, estimated price is 235 yen (excluding tax).

While maintaining the fine smoothness of nigori liquor, it has an elegant mouthfeel, a thick texture, and the richness and umami of fresh moromi before squeezing, but with a light and light taste, the season when it will be hot in the future. It has a refreshing and easy-to-drink taste. If you want to enjoy the original taste of nigori liquor, it is recommended to cool it to around 5 ℃ and shake it well to mix the sunken "moromi".

Alcohol content is 11%. You can arrange various ways of drinking even though it is a nigori liquor. Mix nigori liquor and milk at a ratio of 1: 1 to make a yogurt-style cocktail. If you want to feel the sweetness and sourness of nigori liquor, mix nigori liquor and carbonated water in a ratio of 1: 1.

The package is designed with a cute illustration that resembles a "sheep" in which the cloudiness of the turbidity soars, and a cool background image that matches the taste of the product.