Ministop "New Big Dog"

From Ministop, the "New Big Dog", which has been renewed with a special W (double) sauce, will be released on February 5th. The price is 198 yen (excluding tax).

The juicy sausage and the mysterious chewy texture of the dough are addictive, and the big dog is back with a new sauce. It is a menu that you can enjoy two kinds of popular sauces in W (double) at Korean snack specialty stores in Korea and Tokyo Shin-Okubo. The calorie is 410 kcal.

The sauce is mellow "honey mustard" using honey and egg yolk, which is easy for children to eat, and the other type is "garlic" using two types of garlic. Stir-fried garlic and guts! It is finished in a sauce with a punchy taste.