Potato Chips Forbidden Happiness Bata ~

"Potato Chips Forbidden Happiness Bata" will be on sale from February 9th at each 7-ELEVEN store (some stores may not be available). Scheduled to be sold out in late March. The price is 213 yen (tax included).

Calbee has developed a "forbidden" series limited to 7-ELEVEN, which has realized the "taste that consumers wanted to eat" based on the standard flavor of "potato chips". In August 2019, as the first product, "Forbidden Consome Punch", which is an enhanced version of the "secret spice" of the long-selling product "Consome Punch", and in August 2020, the regional limited product "Nori Salt Punch" will be baked. "Forbidden Nori Salt Punch" with enhanced chili peppers will be on sale for a limited time. Since each was very popular, we decided to release the third edition based on the increasingly popular standard flavor "Happy Bata".

"Happy Bata" is a potato chip that you can enjoy a slightly sweet and sour taste based on the four ingredients "butter," "honey," "parsley," and "mascarpone cheese." Introduced in 2010, it is sold nationwide throughout the year.

"Potato Chips Forbidden Happiness Bata" is a product in which the amount of "butter", which is the material of "Happiness Bata", has been quadrupled. Butter manufactured in Hokkaido is used for powder. When you open the bag, the fragrant butter scent spreads softly, and you can enjoy the rich taste as you chew. The content is 100g (3.53oz), which is larger than the usual "Potato Chips Happy Bata" (60g (2.12oz)).