LIFE "chocolate croissant" renewal

The "chocolate croissant" sold at the in-store bakery "Wheat Town" in the Tokyo metropolitan area has been renewed.

"Chocolate croissant", which was selected as a February product of "Look at this month" that LIFE confidently recommends, is made of Levin so that you can feel the "crispy feeling" that is the biggest attraction of croissants. Contains seeds (fermented seeds). In addition, black cocoa is used to add a touch of bitterness to enhance the sweetness of Belgian milk chocolate.

・ Mixing Levin seeds in the special dough By adding water to wheat flour and rye flour and blending Levin seeds grown with acetobacter and lactic acid bacteria in the dough, the inside is light and fluffy, and the outside is crispy. The texture has improved further.

A bottle of black cocoa Belgian milk chocolate is involved. To enhance the sweetness of this rich milk chocolate, we kneaded black cocoa into the dough to add a touch of bitterness.

Choice of eating method If you eat it as it is, the milk chocolate inside will pop! If you toast a little, it will melt!