Kasho Sanzen "Hagi no Tone"

"Hagi no Tsuki" will be resold from February 10th from Kasho Sanzen, which manufactures and sells the famous Sendai confectionery "Hagi no Tsuki". The sale will end in late March (ends as soon as it runs out).

"Hagi no Tone" is a sister product of "Hagi no Tsuki", which is made by gently wrapping the original chocolate custard cream in chocolate-flavored castella dough. It was launched in Miyagi prefecture in 1990 (Heisei 2) and became popular, but production and sales were suspended from 2011 (Heisei 23).

Kasho Sanzen "Hagi no Tone"

In August of last year, the first directly managed store in the Tokyo metropolitan area, "JR Tokyo Station Gransta Tokyo Store," opened. When we released "Hagi no Cho White" as a new product, many people wanted to revive the original "Hagi no Cho", so it will be resold for a limited time. ..

Kasho Sanzen "Hagi's Glitter White"
Hagi's Glitter White

The price is 1,600 yen (tax included) for a box of 6 pieces. The expiration date is 8 days from the date of manufacture.

The stores are Kasho Sanzen Hirose-dori Omachi Main Store, Espal Sendai Store, Gransta Tokyo Store, and Yokohama Takashimaya Store. Pre-orders will start at 10:00 on February 3rd at the official online shop to alleviate congestion at stores. Sequential delivery after February 10th. You cannot order by phone or fax.