Acecook "Soup Harusame Relaxed Milk Tailored Salt Butter Flavor"

"Soup Harusame Marutari Milk Tailored Salt Butter Flavor" is now on sale from Acecook. It features a mellow taste made with milk. It is available at supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide.

The estimated price is 156 yen (excluding tax). A new flavor from the "Soup Harusame" series, which celebrated its 20th anniversary. You can enjoy a mellow warm soup made with milk, accented with butter flavor. Based on chicken, the flavor of onions and other flavored vegetables is added.

Vermicelli is smooth and has a chewy texture. We are particular about the compatibility with the soup. The hot water rehydration time is 3 minutes. Kayaku has fluffy eggs, colorful kamaboko, and chives. In addition, Morinaga Milk Industry's "Happiness Lactic Acid Bacteria" is also included.

The package is finished in a relaxed design as a whole, and it is said that the device that makes you feel a little happy unintentionally is hidden.