Meiji "Ginza Butter Chicken"

From the Meiji retort curry "Ginza Curry" series, "Ginza Butter Chicken" will be released on February 8th, where you can enjoy the richness and aroma of mellow butter. The estimated price is 260 yen (excluding tax).

"Ginza Butter Chicken" is a curry with a mellow taste that harmonizes the richness and aroma of butter, and the acidity and umami of tomatoes, based on the "specially made two-stage bouillon" that is the secret of the deliciousness of "Ginza Curry". Add the flavor of characteristic spices such as gorgeous cardamom and kasurimeti (used as a spice), and add the essence of butter chicken to the deep umami unique to "special two-stage bouillon", making it a perfect butter chicken curry for rice. Has been done.

Nowadays, the chances of having breakfast or lunch at home are increasing due to work from home, so it is convenient to stock retort curry that is an individual meal type and easy to cook. Why not add "butter chicken curry", which is mild and easy to eat, to the curry lineup that you always eat.