"Blessed chocolate bread-Kurioro-" is now available x KEN'S CAFE TOKYO limited collaboration bread

As a special Valentine's Day project, "Blessed Chocolate Bread-Kurioro-", which was very popular at the end of last year, will be on sale from "Shinjitsu Appearance". The sale period is from February 5th to February 14th. The price is 1,800 yen per loaf (excluding tax).

"Blessed chocolate bread-Kurioro-" is a limited collaboration of "Shinjitsu Appearance" x "KEN'S CAFE TOKYO". KEN'S CAFE TOKYO's chocolate "KEN'S BLEND CRIOLLO", which is the pinnacle of gateau chocolate, is lavishly studded with the fluffy texture and natural sweetness full of elegance.

When you toast it crispy, the chocolate will be sloppy. Serve with ice cream or fresh cream for dessert. When combined with bean paste, the gentleness of azuki beans and milky butter make it fluffy and mellow.

KEN'S CAFE TOKYO's specially selected gateau chocolate, which has won numerous awards. "KEN'S BLEND CRIOLLO" prepared by Domori founder Gianluca Franzoni himself, loved by the world's top pastry chefs, is used. The richness, sweetness, and bitterness are combined into a trinity, and the melting mouth melt and the rich cacao bitter scent that comes together weave a deep taste.