Matsuya "Tororo with domestic skin"

At each Matsuya store (excluding some stores), "Tororo with domestic skin" is on sale from 10 am on February 2nd. The price is 130 yen (tax included). Can be taken home.

The popular "Tororo" at Matsuya has been reborn and is back. It is a safe and secure item that uses 100% Yamato potatoes with domestic skin.

Tororo contains "water-soluble dietary fiber" and has the effect of adjusting the intestinal environment. It contains abundant vitamins, and dietary fiber and potassium help prevent high blood pressure and relieve constipation.

In addition, the tororo released this time has a skin. The beard on the surface was roasted and grated whole so that the whole skin could be nourished. Put it on other white rice and enjoy tororo as the main character today. It is also recommended to choose the tororo from the "choice of small bowls" in the morning menu, or add the tororo from the side menu to the bowl.

The popular tororo is back, regardless of age or gender! Please try Matsuya "Tororo with domestic skin".

* The tax-included price inside the store and for take-out is the same.