Tully's Coffee Bottle (Pearl Pink)
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At Tully's Coffee, cute goods are on sale as new seasonal products. Introducing the hot lineup.

・ Chocolate ECO bag (milk chocolate, bitter chocolate)
ECO bag with a pouch with a chocolate motif. The ECO bag is large enough to fit in A4 size and can be used conveniently. Can be stored in the pouch when not in use. The size of the pouch is about 7 x 9.5 x 2 cm, and the ECO bag is about 25.5 x 32 cm (excluding the handle). The price is 1,650 yen each.

Tully's Coffee "Chocolate ECO Bag (Milk Chocolate / Bitter Chocolate)"

・ Tully's Coffee Bottle (Pearl Pink)
Easy-care Teflon-coated stainless steel bottle. An illustration of a cat is drawn on a pale pink body with glitter. The actual capacity is about 420 ml. The price is 3,450 yen.

Tully's Coffee Bottle (Pearl Pink)

・ Coffee drop round mug (pink milk)
A mug with a beautiful pink and white gradation and a round shape. It is also recommended as a Valentine's gift for coffee lovers. The actual capacity is 290 ml. The price is 1,550 yen.

Tully's Coffee "Coffee Drop Round Mug (Pink Milk)"

・ Bearful brownie & berry cream [petit]
A petite-sized bear full wearing a heart-shaped knit. The pair of bear full, which has the image of a boy and a girl, has a magnet, and when you bring them closer, you will feel like holding hands. The total length is about 11 cm. The price is 790 yen each.

Tully's Coffee "Bearful Brownie & Berry Cream [Petit]"

・ Striped square mug (navy)
A mug with a simple shape that is easy to use. A vivid design with a blue stripe pattern. The actual capacity is 290 ml. The price is 1,400 yen.

Tully's Coffee "Striped Square Mug (Navy)"