"Sakura-colored marshmallow" in the shape of cherry blossom petals

"65g (2.29oz) Sakura Color Marshmallow" is on sale from Eiwa. The sale period is until April.

"65g (2.29oz) Sakura-colored marshmallow" is a marshmallow made from cherry-flavored (pink) and cherry-latte-flavored (white) marshmallows in the shape of cherry blossom petals, using fragrances extracted from cherry blossoms. The taste is inspired by a drink that combines Japanese and Western styles, and in order to express the cuteness of Sakura, we are particular about the shape of the thin petals, the small size, and the light and fluffy color. No artificial colors are used.

In recent years, marshmallows have become popular not only as sweets, but also as a material that allows you to easily enjoy handmade sweets. "Sakura-colored marshmallows" can be arranged and topped with sweets and drinks to add a spring-like color to the snack and dessert scene. Squeeze fresh cream into a cupcake and decorate it in the shape of a flower. If you wrap it, it will be a cute gift.

"65g (2.29oz) cherry-colored marshmallows" that you can enjoy cherry blossom viewing at home. When you see it, pick it up!