Fujiya pastry shop "Marron Cream Pie"
Marron cream pie (all image sources are official website)

"Marron Cream Pie" will be on sale on February 8th at each Fujiya pastry shop. The price is 390 yen (tax included, same below).

"Marron cream pie" is a pie cake made by layering marron custard cream, cut astringent chestnuts, and chanterie cream on a pie crust. You can enjoy the luxurious taste with one grain of astringent marron. The size is 60 mm in diameter x 75 mm in height.

In addition, the lineup of cakes using "chestnut" is as follows. Check it out if you like chestnuts!

・ Three kinds of cheese Mont Blanc 390 yen

Fujiya pastry shop "3 kinds of cheese Mont Blanc"

Montblanc is finished by layering Camembert cheese cream and cream cheese paste on a sponge with mascarpone cheese custard cream. You can enjoy the rich flavor of cheese.

・ Premium Mont Blanc (Italian Marron) 520 yen

Fujiya pastry shop "Premium Mont Blanc (Marron, Italy)"

Montblanc cake with biscuit dough, sponge, chanterie cream, semi-dried Italian marron, vanilla custard mousse, and Italian marron paste. A dish that Montblanc lovers should definitely try.

・ Mont Blanc of Japanese chestnuts from Kasama 390 yen

Fujiya pastry shop "Mont Blanc of Japanese chestnuts from Kasama"

A sponge with Waguri custard cream overlaid with Chantery cream and cream with Waguri paste from Kasama, Ibaraki prefecture. Montblanc where you can enjoy the rich flavor of Japanese chestnuts from Kasama, Ibaraki Prefecture.

・ W Cream Mont Blanc 429 yen

Fujiya pastry shop "W Cream Mont Blanc"

A sandwich topping with two colors of chestnut cream squeezed, this is an irresistible dish for Montblanc lovers.

・ Marron Mont Blanc 390 yen

Fujiya pastry shop "Maron Mont Blanc"

Montblanc is a marron cream with steamed chestnut paste that traps the deliciousness of chestnuts. You can enjoy the sense of unity of yellow malon cream, chantery cream, and sponge unique to Fujiya.

* It may not be available depending on the area and store.