"Japchae" recipe

Recommended for saving rice! Here are three "bean sprout recipes" that the bean sprout editorial department actually made and were delicious. Eating response ◎ "Mushroom and bean sprout hot and sour soup" and noodle-free "bean sprout fried noodles".

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・ Bean sprout fried noodles
Only bean sprouts without noodles! A recipe for "bean sprout fried noodles " that uses "bean sprouts" instead of the main noodles.

Recipe "bean sprout fried noodles"

I thought, "Isn't it a little unsatisfactory without noodles?", But the bean sprouts are crispy and chew a lot, so I'm quite satisfied. It is recommended to eat freshly prepared food, as the whole will become worn out over time. It's healthy without noodles, so it's recommended when you're worried about eating too much or when you want to save money.

・ Mushroom and bean sprout hot and sour soup
Recommended as a cooked rice the next day after eating a little too much! A recipe for "mushroom and bean sprout hot and sour soup" that is perfect for eating with plenty of ingredients.

Recipe for "Mushroom and bean sprout hot and sour soup"

It contains plenty of mushrooms and bean sprouts, and it's a nice cup to eat without feeling guilty. I used enoki mushrooms this time, but I like the mushrooms I put in. It looks delicious even if you add shiitake mushrooms and king trumpet mushrooms ♪ It has a pleasant acidity and spiciness, so it is also recommended for a midnight snack!

The bean sprouts & Mamenae containing JAPCHAE
households, which is a representative of friendly ingredients with the bean sprouts & Mamenae was volume up " JAPCHAE recipe".

"Japchae" recipe

Although vermicelli and bean sprouts look exactly like each other, the difference in texture when eaten is unique. Every time you chew it, the sweet and sour taste spreads. The richness of beef, the aroma of sesame, and the aroma of garlic also assist in the deliciousness. The peased seedlings, which have no peculiarity, blend in with the whole and enhance the satisfaction with the color and texture.