Ministop "Fuwatoro Chiffon-with custard cream-"

New sweets "Fruit Custard Parfait" and "Fuwatoro Chiffon ~ Custard Cream Included ~" supervised by "Hatendo", famous for "Cream Bun", will be on sale from February 2nd at each Ministop store.

"Fruit Custard Parfait" is a trifle-style parfait made by adding various fruits to mousse and whipped cream using Hattendo's "Custard Cream". The price is 291 yen (tax included, same below).

Ministop "Fruit Custard Parfait"
Fruit custard parfait

On the other hand, "Fuwatoro Chiffon-with custard cream-" is a dessert made by squeezing Hattendo custard cream into honey pancake dough and topped with custard whipped cream and custard sauce. The price is 302 yen.

Ministop "Fluffy Chiffon-Custard Cream Included-"
Fluffy chiffon-with custard cream-