Toraya's red and white bun "New bun"
(The source of the image is Toraya official website)

The red and white bun "Shinman" will be on sale from Toraya on February 15th. It is available only at Toraya Akasaka store and some directly managed stores.

At Toraya, special order items are sold over-the-counter on the 15th of every month, and on January 15th, a bun " Ushi " named after the zodiac was prepared only at the store. Following this, the Shinman will appear on February 15th. Reservations are usually required at least 4 days in advance.

It is a typical confectionery from ancient times and is made using flour and eggs. Information is provided for admission, marriage, childbirth, longevity, and anniversaries.

The selling price is 756 yen (tax included) per set. Two red and white pieces are included in the service box, and each piece weighs 50g (1.76oz). The following 4 stores in Tokyo are available.

・ Toraya Akasaka store ・ Toraya Tokyo Midtown store ・ Toraya Imperial Hotel store ・ Toraya Nihonbashi store ・ TORAYA TOKYO

Each location and business hours can be listed from the official website. As of February 1, business hours may have changed depending on the store, and you can check the detailed information of each store.