551HORAI "Heart pork buns
(* All images are sourced from 551HORAI online store)

551HORAI "Heart Pork Buns

551HORAI's "Heart Pork Buns" will be available for mail order on the official website. 551HORAI's "Heart Pork Buns" will be available in sets with 551HORAI original goods and will be delivered only from February 11 to 14. However, some distant areas will be available from February 12 to 15.

The selling price is 900 yen per set (tax included, delivery fee not included). Limited quantities are available just in time for Valentine's Day. It is put forth as a suitable gift for those who are not fond of sweets or those who like pork buns.

It is also suitable for those who are looking for something with impact that is not the same as others. The expiration date is 5 days from the date of manufacture and is for refrigerated (chilled) use.

You can choose one of two types of original goods that come with the Heart Pork Buns. One is a "551 original eco bag" with a cute design that becomes a shape of a pork bun when stored, and the other is a "551 original microwave oven stove" that can easily and conveniently reheat the pork buns. Heart-shaped steamed buns are not available separately. Both can be ordered through 551HORAI's official online store.