Coco's Rascal collaboration menu for all generations

At each Coco's store, the Rascal collaboration menu featuring the character "Rascal the Raccoon" will be available to all generations from February 4th. A menu that can be enjoyed by people over 13 years old.

The Rascal collaboration menu was usually offered as an okosama menu for elementary school students and younger, but in response to requests from many fans, it is now available for all generations.

"Rascal the Raccoon hamburger steak (with french fries, rice, magnet)" and "Rascal Basque cheese cake (with magnet)" have two menus, "Pitatto! Rascal three-dimensional magnet (all six types, one of them)" It will be sold as a set menu. The prices are 990 yen and 590 yen (both tax excluded).

Rascal collaboration menu that is also nice for adult Rascal fans. You'll want to complete the cute magnets ♪ When you go to Coco's, why not order it?

* Ends as soon as the magnet runs out