Suddenly! Limited time menu for steak "Suddenly! Big steak heavy"
(* All images are suddenly sourced! Steak official website)

Suddenly! It was announced on the official website that a limited-time menu "Suddenly! Big Steak Heavy" will appear on steaks. "10 pounds" is launched, and the total weight is 5.5 kg. It will be available at some stores from February 8th to 20th.

The selling price is 37,770 yen (tax included). A collaboration menu that appeared in the TV program "Big Hunter Super Popular Chain Store Collaboration SP" broadcast on January 29th. The stores are as follows.

・ Shinagawa Seaside Forest Store (Tokyo)
・ Shinjuku West Exit Store (Tokyo)
・ Ikebukuro West Exit Store (Tokyo)
・ Nakano store (Tokyo)
・ Olinas Kinshicho store (Tokyo)
・ Yaesu underground shopping mall (Tokyo)
・ Ginza 4-chome store (Tokyo)
・ Akasaka Street store (Tokyo)

Each store is limited to one meal a day and is sold only from 15:00 to 18:00, so you need to make a reservation by phone before coming to the store. If you cancel on the day or without permission, you will have to pay the full price as a cancellation fee.

Suddenly! Limited time menu for steak "Suddenly! Big steak heavy"

Sharing with multiple people is also possible. However, there is a limit on the number of people due to measures to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection. In the case of To go, the price will be different due to the difference in tax rate.