Washoku SATO "Nabeyaki Chanko Ramen"

From Japanese food, a new To go menu "Nabeyaki Chanko Ramen" was released on February 1st. Limited time sale until February 28th.

Washoku SATO "Nabeyaki Chanko Ramen"
Nabeyaki Chanko Ramen

"Nabeyaki Chanko Ramen" is an arrangement of the popular "Sato Nabe" on the in-store menu for To go. It is a convenient one-person hot pot that is finished with abundant ingredients and the pride of chicken soup stock. At the same time, you can enjoy plenty of beef offal with rich soy sauce soup stock, "Plenty" beef offal hotpot (with udon), steamed oysters from Setouchi and scallops from Aomori prefecture. (With udon) ”will also be on sale.

Washoku SATO "Plenty of beef motsunabe (with udon)"
Plenty of beef motsunabe (with udon)

Washoku SATO "seafood jjigae pot (with udon)"
Seafood Jjigae pot (with udon)

The price is 798 yen each (excluding tax, the same applies below). Both pots are the size of a single pot and can be cooked on an IH stove.

In addition, the price reduction campaign for "fried chicken lunch box" and "tendon" that was held until January 31 has been extended due to its popularity. It will continue to be sold at a special price until February 28th. The regular price for both "fried chicken lunch box" and "tendon" is 399 yen instead of 598 yen. Sales hours are from 11:00 to 22:00 (at some stores until 20:00 or 21:00).

Washoku SATO "fried chicken lunch box"
Fried chicken lunch

Washoku SATO "Tendon"
Bowl of rice and fried fish