Hidaka "Basil dumplings"
(* All images are from the Hidakaya official website)

It was announced on the official website that "Basil dumplings" will be on sale at Hidakaya, Kuraiken, and Ramen Hidaka stores. It will be available from January 29th.

Holy basil and domestic chicken breast are used to create a refreshing taste. Tailored with lemon juice for a refreshing taste. Takeout and delivery are also possible, but in that case lemon juice is not included.

You can choose from 3 or 6 single item menus, and as a set meal menu, there is also a "mixed W dumpling set meal" with 6 basil dumplings, 6 regular dumplings, rice, soup and 2 fried chicken or baechu kimchi. Will be prepared.

You can also order a "basil dumpling set" with ramen. It will be 20 yen cheaper than if you order each separately. The menus that can be added together are "Chinese noodles," "Tonkotsu ramen," "Miso ramen," and "Tanmen with plenty of vegetables."

Hidaka "Basil dumplings"

The selling price of each is as follows. All notations include tax.

・ Basil dumplings 3 pieces 140 yen ・ Basil dumplings 6 pieces 260 yen ・ Mixed W dumplings set meal 690 yen ・ Basil dumplings set Chinese noodles 630 yen ・ Basil dumplings set Tonkotsu ramen 690 yen ・ Basil dumplings set Miso ramen 710 yen ・ Basil dumplings set vegetables Plenty of tanmen 760 yen