Funabashiya "Premium Anmitsu"

From January 20th, 1 billion pieces of "Premium Anmitsu" containing Kuzumochi lactic acid bacteria are on sale at all Funabashiya and Funabashiya Koyomi stores and on the official online shopping site. The price is 500 yen (excluding tax).

Anmitsu, which has been handmade since before the war, is a standard product that divides its popularity from its signature product, Kuzumochi. "Premium Anmitsu" contains plenty of vegetable lactic acid bacterium "Kuzumochi lactic acid bacterium" that has been passed down from the Edo period for generations. It contains not only lactic acid bacteria but also fermentation products.

Funabashiya "Premium Anmitsu"

Agar, which contains a lot of dietary fiber, is characterized by a strong shore scent and a crunchy texture. Koshian is made by craftsmen with a lot of time and effort, and is made with Kuzumochi lactic acid bacteria to make it gentle on the body. Enjoy the secret black honey in the anmitsu with salty red peas, fertilizer, and kuzumochi.

What is Kuzumochi Lactic Acid Bacteria?

A plant-derived lactic acid bacterium unique to Kuzumochi that has survived since the Edo period. When lactic acid bacteria were extracted and analyzed in 2010, it was found that the lactic acid bacteria in Kuzumochi were "Lactobacillus paracasei species". It was cultivated and named "Kuzumochi Lactic Acid Bacteria" and registered as a trademark.