Sushiro "Brurea Cheesecake"

At each Sushiro store, a limited number of sweets "Brurea Cheesecake" devised by the new pastry chef of the "Sushiro Cafe Department" will be on sale from January 20th. The price is 180 yen (excluding tax). You cannot take it home.

"Brurea Cheesecake" is a new dessert that combines "sushi restaurant roasting" and "trendy sweets". It is a rare cheesecake that you can enjoy a crispy texture by roasting the surface of the cake and finishing it in a Brulee style.

Sushiro "Brurea Cheesecake"

The cheese used is cream cheese made from raw milk from cows that are bred freely in Australia. For the rare cheesecake, which has a low acidity and is milky, the composition has been adjusted many times, and we are particular about how it melts when roasted. In addition, since the surface of the cake is roasted, you can enjoy the aroma and crisp texture unique to Brulee.

As new sweets from the "Sushiro Cafe Club", "Crispy Chocolate Banana Ice Cake" and "Torori Kuri-Mutiramisu" are on sale in limited quantities from January 6th. It will end as soon as all of them are gone.

* Some stores have different items and prices.
* Depending on the situation, the business may be open only for take-out or the business hours may change.