Japanese sweet "Gomitsu" calling for new corona measures from Tohouen

The Japanese confectionery shop "Tohoen" will release the Japanese confectionery "Gomitsu" on February 4th, which calls for avoiding the risk of infection with the new coronavirus. It comes in 5 pieces and the price is 1,500 yen (tax included). The expiration date is 4 days from the date of purchase. The sale period is until March 15th.

5 sweets, 5 honey. Give it to protect your loved ones. With that in mind, Mask Neko Manju and Amabie Mochi have appeared. This year's Valentine's Day and White Day will be held in Corona. A special day to consider your loved ones with a special feeling. With that feeling in mind, the Gomitsu set will be delivered.

The contents of the set are as follows.

Yokai Amabie: Gyuhi made with strawberry bean paste

Ventilation: Manju with red bean paste

Hand wash: Yuzu-an yokan roll

Mask: Kindama lemon flavor

Dense avoidance: Gyuhi with yokan rolls

The Japanese confectionery "Gomitsu" that appeared for Valentine's Day and White Day at Corona. This year, why not send sweets that express the risk aversion of the new corona infection in Japanese sweets to your loved ones?