Matsunoya "Chkmeruli Cheese Big Menchi Hamburger Set Meal"

"Chkmeruli Cheese Big Menchi Hamburger Set Meal" will be on sale at 3:00 pm on January 20th at Matsunoya Matsunoya. The price is 790 yen (tax included).

A collaboration between Matsunoya's "Big Menchi Hamburger" and Matsuya's popular "Shukumel Resource"! The juicy Menchi hamburger steak, which is full of gravy the moment you put it in your mouth, goes perfectly with the appetizing "white garlic sauce" with the garlic's savory flavor! If you add melty cheese, it is a superb gem that spreads the flavor and richness in your mouth. It is a good dish of Menchi-katsu and hamburger steak.

■ Always happy rice service !!
In addition, to commemorate the release, only when ordering "Chkmeruli Cheese Big Menchi Hamburger Set Meal", a large serving of rice will be served free of charge until 3:00 pm on January 27th.

* You can take it home. You can purchase the take-out miso soup for 60 yen separately.

Enjoy Matsunoya's "Chkmeruli Cheese Big Menchi Hamburg Set Meal" where a big menchi hamburger full of iron plates drowns in Chkmeruli!