Disaster prevention product "Long-term preserved food Marie"

Morinaga Biscuit "Marie" brand will release "Long-term preserved food Marie" for disaster prevention on February 9th.

Long-term preserved food Marie

The Morinaga Biscuit series has been recommended as an emergency food in case of emergency because it does not require cooking, has an appropriate volume to fill the stomach, and has a long shelf life. In response to the growing needs for disaster prevention in recent years, "Long-term preserved food Marie", which has a storage period of 6 years, is now available as a disaster prevention product. It uses a bag form instead of a can form, is light, does not take up space for storage, and does not generate large dust.

The content is the size of 3 packs x 4 bags. The calorie is 288 kcal. It is an item that is easy to keep in your disaster prevention backpack.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake, and March is a time when awareness of disaster prevention is still rising. It is thought that stress in the event of a disaster can be reduced and physical fatigue can be healed by stockpiling not only full-fledged emergency foods but also foods that you are accustomed to eating and foods that you like.

The estimated price is 324 yen (tax included). Sales will end as soon as they are sold out.