Washoku SATO "fried chicken lunch box"
Fried chicken lunch

At each Japanese restaurant, two popular To go products, "fried chicken bento" and "tendon", are sold at a "support price" of 399 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below). The period is from January 15th to 31st.

It was planned to encourage more people to enjoy the popular taste of Japanese food while the demand for To go is increasing due to the request to refrain from going out. Two items, "fried chicken lunch box" and "tendon", will be sold for 399 yen, which is about 200 yen discount than usual.

Washoku SATO "Tendon"
Bowl of rice and fried fish

In addition, "Oyster Ebiten Don" is on sale for a limited time at a special price of 499 yen, and "Nabeyaki Udon" containing Ebiten that can be cooked with IH is also on sale for a limited time.