Doutor "Caffeineless Coffee"

At each Doutor Coffee Shop, a drip cafe of "Caffeineless Coffee" using 100% Colombian coffee beans will be on sale from January 29th.

Nowadays, the time spent at home is increasing and the demand for authentic coffee to drink at home is increasing. Recommended products for those who want to refrain from caffeine but want to take a break with delicious coffee.

Doutor's "Caffeineless Coffee" uses 100% Colombian arabica beans with 94% caffeine cut. It is a gentle taste that even people who are interested in caffeine can enjoy. The degree of roasting is deep roasting (city roast). The drip cafe comes in 5 packs and the price is 430 yen (tax included).

In addition, on January 29th and 30th, "Thank you day" will be held with a feeling of gratitude (excluding some stores). 10% discount on coffee beans carefully roasted at our own factory, drip cafe and liquid coffee where you can easily enjoy coffee, various extraction equipment and consumables. At the store, coffee beans are ground according to the extraction equipment that customers usually use, and coffee beans that suit their tastes are introduced.

Doutor "Thank you day"

* Some items such as gifts are not eligible for discount.
* The product lineup varies depending on the store. Please check directly with the store you are using for the products we handle.