Simple recipe of "Okara gateau chocolate style"

Introducing 4 sweets recipes using "okara powder", which is rich in dietary fiber and is perfect even during sugar restriction. "Okara gateau chocolate style" and "Okara snow cookie".

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・ Okara rice cake
Use okara powder to cut sugar! A recipe for "okara mochi " that makes you happy while limiting carbs.

"Okara mochi" recipe

The surface is smooth and smooth, and it has a firm elasticity when chewed. Although it cannot be said that it has exactly the same texture as normal white balls and mochi, it is quite satisfying when you want to eat chewy food. The faint flavor of bean curd refuse is not so noticeable when combined with soybean flour and red bean paste.

・ Protein Okara steamed bread
Just mix and rent! "Protein Okara Steamed Bread " is a very easy recipe that makes it easy to get protein.

Recipe "Protein Okara Steamed Bread"

The dough is plump when lentined. After a while, the texture will be solid and dense. Make steamed bread using plain protein and top it with fried eggs or bacon and it will be good for breakfast! It is also a nice point to be able to do it immediately.

・ Snow cookies
A "snow cookie " recipe using okara powder and almond poodle.

"Snow cookie" recipe

Okara powder is used instead of cake flour, but the finish is crispy and chewy, and it's perfect for eating! It doesn't feel as lumpy as I expected. The fragrant flavor and the slight sweetness combine to make your hands unstoppable.

・ Okara gateau chocolate style
A simple recipe of "Okara gateau chocolate style " that can be made with a microwave oven.

Simple recipe of "Okara gateau chocolate style"

There is an image that the moisture in the mouth is taken away by the bean curd refuse, but this dough is moist. Spreads an elegant sweetness while unraveling in the mouth. I don't feel the smell of soybeans at all, and the slightly bitter cocoa flavor is richer. Please adjust the sweetness to your liking.