Papubbure "Strawberry Mix"

Strawberry flavored products are on sale from the art candy shop "PAPABUBBLE". The lineup is as follows.

"Strawberry mix" where you can taste various strawberries that are irresistible for strawberry lovers. This year, the label has been redesigned so that you can enjoy strawberries even more. You can enjoy 5 kinds of strawberries in one bag such as luxury strawberries, raspberries, and aged strawberries.

Papubbure "Strawberry Mix"

The flavors are luxury strawberry, raspberry, strawberry milk, aged strawberry, and strawberry tea. The price starts from BAG593 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below).

The sweet and sour taste of freeze-dried strawberries and white chocolate is addictive once you eat it. Like the strawberry mix, the "strawberry chocolate candy" is delivered under the strawberry label. The price is BAG593 yen.

Papubbure "Strawberry Chocolate Candy"

This year's "Berry Bubbles" is available in three types: strawberry, blueberry, and raspberry. Blueberries are a popular blueberry yogurt for our staff. Prices start at 269 yen for 2 pieces.

Papubbure "Berry Babels"

A new product of "PAPA BUBBLE" that makes strawberry lovers happy. Check it out as soon as possible ♪