Chateraise "Chocolate Bucky Skyberry"
(The image is quoted from the official website)

Introducing 6 new ice cream products sold by Chateraise. Strawberry flavors such as "Chocolate Bucky Skyberry" and "Fruit Texture Bar Strawberry" one after another!

・ Baked cheesecake bar with 4 kinds of cheese
A dense textured ice cream that looks like a frozen cake. We use four types of cheese: cream cheese, Gouda, Parmesan, and cheddar. Crashed Graham butter cookie is added to the ice cream with a rich cheese flavor and a soft texture. It is a rich and dense sweet ice cream for adults, like a baked cheesecake with a mellow and rich taste of cheese. The price is 70 yen per bottle (excluding tax, the same applies below).

Chateraise "Baked Cheesecake Bar with 4 Cheeses"

・ DESSERT Monaka Strawberry Short
Milky raw with crispy strawberry freeze-dried sweet and sour strawberry chocolate crispy texture, fresh and juicy strawberry puree sauce, and Hokkaido cream. Cream-like ice cream, custard ice cream that emphasizes the richness of eggs. The price is 140 yen per piece.

Chateraise "DESSERT Monaka Strawberry Short"

・ Fruit texture bar Strawberry
An ice bar with a texture and deliciousness that feels like the fruit itself. A fruit bar that uses strawberry juice and flesh to create a fruit bar with the image of the deliciousness of frozen strawberries, with a sticky and crispy texture that seems to be a concentrated fruit juice, and a rich scent of sweet and sour strawberry and fruity flavor. Has been done. 70 yen per bottle.

Chateraise "Fruit texture bar strawberry"

・ Chocolate Bucky Skyberry
Sweet chocolate with a crispy texture is put in ice cream using skyberry, which is characterized by its sweetness and well-balanced acidity. Sweet and sour strawberry ice cream with a milky feel is a perfect combination for chocolate. The price is 70 yen per bottle.

Chateraise "Chocolate Bucky Skyberry"

・ Hokkaido red meat melon bar
A melon ice cream made from Hokkaido red meat melon juice with a condensed milk sauce made from Hokkaido condensed milk. It is a slightly luxurious ice bar with the melting sweetness unique to red meat melon, the thick condensed milk sauce, and the rich and sticky taste. The price is 80 yen per bottle.

Chateraise "Hokkaido Red Meat Melon Bar"

・ Dessert Chocolat Ball Red Hoppe Strawberry
Strawberry ice cream made with red hoppe seed strawberry, which is characterized by its sweet and sour taste, is coated with freeze-dried strawberry chocolate that melts in your mouth. .. The ripe red hoppe-flavored strawberry ice cream and the sour strawberry chocolate have a pleasant freeze-dried texture, and it's delicious to pick up. The price is 340 yen.

Chateraise "Desert Chocolat Ball Beni Hoppe Seed Strawberry"