Kirfebon Valentine Limited "Strawberry and Chocolate Cream Tart" and "Coffee Mousse and Hazelnut Tart"

New Valentine's limited tart "Strawberry and chocolate cream tart" and "Coffee mousse and hazelnut tart" will be on sale from February 1st to February 14th at each of the fruit tart specialty stores "Kilfebon". Perfect as a reward for yourself or as a gift for your loved one.

"Strawberry and chocolate cream tart" is a gorgeous Valentine's limited tart with creamy homemade chocolate custard layered with sweet and sour jam and plenty of seasonal strawberries. We are particular about the balance of strawberries and chocolate cream. The price is 864 yen for pieces, 2,970 yen for halls (13 cm), and 8,640 yen for (25 cm).

Kirfe Bon Valentine Limited "Strawberry and Chocolate Cream Tart"

"Coffee mousse and hazelnut tart" is a chic Valentine's limited tart that combines crispy hazelnuts and coffee mousse with rich cocoa cream and sweet and sour berries. You can enjoy the perfect balance of soft scented cognac, pleasant hazelnuts, coffee and chocolate. The price is 810 yen for the piece, 2,700 yen for the hall (13 cm), and 8,100 yen for the (25 cm).

Kirfe Bon Valentine Limited "Coffee Mousse and Hazelnut Tart"

* All prices include tax (8%). The tax rate is different when using the cafe.