Dom Dom Hamburger "Dom Dom Set at Home"

It was announced on the official website that Dom Dom Hamburger will resell the To go limited "Dom Dom Set at Home". It will be available at some stores from January 15th.

It was reprinted as part of the To go promotion activities to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection. A total of 8 menu items will be included, and the regular price of 2,400 yen or more (excluding tax, the same applies below) will be prepared for 1,500 yen. In addition, you can use the "500 yen meal voucher" of the New Year lucky bag for payment.

The contents of the set are, first of all, you can freely combine 3 types from 3 types of "sweet and spicy chicken burger" "teriyaki burger" "shrimp cutlet burger" and choose 3 points. It is also possible to select multiple hamburgers of the same type. There are also 3 types of side menus. Details are as follows.

・ 3 selectable hamburgers ・ 3 French fries M size ・ 10 pieces of chicken nuggets ・ 10 pieces of cheese potatoes

In addition, the places where Dom Dom sets are handled at home are as follows.

・ Asakusa Hanayashiki store ・ Himeji Hirohata store ・ Minatogawa store ・ Fukida store ・ Kamimizo store ・ Mitsusakai store ・ Sasaoka store ・ Kongo store ・ Nagayoshi store ・ Noda canal store ・ Oizumi Gakuen store ・ Higashi Narashino store ・ Kodaira store Hakkei store, Fukai store, Etsuriko store, Kii Kawabe store, Mobara FC store, Okanan FC store, Kojima FC store