Legendary Sutadonya "Hayaben"

The official website has announced the start of the "Hayaben" service at the legendary Densetsu no Sutadonya. From January 15th to 12:00, part of the To go menu can be "additional meat", and the stamp will be doubled.

A device that encourages use while avoiding peak hours. The target menus for "additional meat" are as follows.

・ Sutadon ・ Ginger bowl ・ Sutamina-yaki set meal ・ Ginger-grilled set meal ・ Torosuta bowl ・ Cheese bowl ・ Garibata bowl ・ Green onion bowl ・ Kimchi bowl

The number of stamps that can be accumulated with the smartphone application "Zeetle" is doubled. It cannot be used in combination with other coupons or services. Delivery is not applicable.

Some stores do not offer a quick talk service. It is as follows.

・ Chofu store ・ Yokohama west exit store ・ Okachimachi store ・ Yono station square store ・ Takenotsuka store ・ Akihabara store ・ Fuchu store ・ Fukui development store ・ Yokosuka Sahara store ・ Seiseki Sakuragaoka store ・ Nozaru Kaido store ・ Koganei Maehara store ・ Tomiyama Tanakamachi store ・Tsukuba University Store, Kanazawa Okawabata Store, Sai Odori Store, Ota Store, Chiba Fujimi Store, Yokohama Hinodecho Store, Diversity Tokyo Plaza Store, Machida Store, Kamedo Store, Yokohama Setani Store, Pasar Hasuda (Up Line) Store, National East Store・ Wing Kitchen Kanazawa Hakkei Store ・ Kamata Store ・ Kawasaki Store ・ Suidobashi Store ・ Plena Makuhari Store ・ Higashiyamato Store ・ Nakano Shimbashi Store ・ Mi-san Store ・ Dangozaka SA (Down Line) Store ・ Shimizu PA Store