The first "Energize Japan!" Campaign at Kura Sushi

The first "Energize Japan!" Campaign at Kura Sushi will be held from January 15th. Introducing new menus for "To go" and "delivery", which are in increasing demand due to the second state of emergency.

Kura lunch

"Kura Lunch" (500 yen, tax not included, same below), which has been popular for To go since last year (2020), was sold only on weekdays from the opening until 17:00, but from January 15th. The sales time is extended to 20:00. In addition, weekends and holidays are also provided.

Defeat Corona (567)! set

Let's get rid of the corona (794)! set

Three types of great-value sets with coffee etc. are also available for "Kura Lunch".

"Let's defeat Corona (567)! Set" is 500 yen lunch with premier hot coffee for 567 yen. Sale until February 15th.

"Let's get rid of corona (794)! Set" is 500 yen lunch with premier hot coffee and morimori potato (ketchup) for 794 yen. Sale until January 31st.

The first "Energize Japan!" Campaign at Kura Sushi

Let's make the corona blank (894)! set

From February 1st, "Let's make Corona a blank sheet (894)! Set" will also be available. Unadon, Akadashi or Chawanmushi, and Premier Hot Coffee are included in the set, and the price is 894 yen. It will be on sale until February 15th.

Kura Sushi "Let's make corona blank (894)! Set"
Let's make the corona blank (894)! set

Kura Sushi lottery set

New products will be added to the store's "takeaway menu". The "Kura Sushi Lottery Set" (1,000 yen), which will be sold in limited quantities from January 22, is a set of 20 pieces of sushi with a "no loss" scratch lottery. The 1st prize is a 1,000 yen ticket, the 2nd prize is a 500 yen ticket, and the 3rd prize is a 100 yen ticket. Delivery is also possible. In that case, the price will be different.

Kura Sushi "Kura Sushi Lottery Set"
Kura Sushi lottery set

Special Kura Sushi Set

Special excellence set

Also from January 22nd, the premium set "Special Kura Sushi Set" (10 pieces / 1,300 yen and up) and "Special Gokujou Set" (10 pieces / 1,500 yen and up), which are carefully selected from popular luxury items, will be available nationwide. For sale. You can check the details on the Kura Sushi official website. In addition, the price is different for delivery.

Kura Sushi "Special Kura Sushi Set"
Special Kura Sushi set (pictured for 3 people)

Kura Sushi "Special Set"
Special excellence set (photo is for 3 people)

* To go and delivery response times vary depending on the store. Please check the official Kura Sushi website for details.