Fondant au chocolat heart

"HEART WEEK" will be held at Krispy Kreme Donuts (KKD) to liven up Valentine's Day. In addition to the new "Fondant Chocolat Heart" that melts when warmed, the "Melty Crunch Chocolate" and "Strawberry Glossy Chocolate" on sale will be heart-shaped. Limited time offer from February 8th to 14th.

The selling price is 250 yen per piece (excluding tax, the same applies below). First of all, the fondant chocolate heart has a line drawn with bitter chocolate on the surface of the chocolate dough of Ghanaian cacao blend, and is also topped with Ghanaian cacao blend cocoa powder. The donut contains a slightly bitter and smooth chocolate cream that melts when warmed.

The scent of cacao spreads in your mouth, and you can enjoy the taste like fondant chocolate. With a cute heart shape, it is also suitable for Valentine's Day sweets.

"Melty Crunch Chocolate" is a chocolate dough with a rich flavor, layered with rich cream with crispy puffs, and studded with sweet chocolate flakes and chocolate biscuit crunch.

Melty crunch chocolate

"Strawberry Glossy Chocolate" is a fragrant chocolate dough covered with bitter chocolate and finished with napage with sweet and sour strawberry puree, sweet chocolate flakes, and freeze-dried strawberry and gold powder.

Strawberry glossy chocolate

There will also be "Recommended Donuts (12)" where you can enjoy these 3 types of heart-shaped donuts and popular regular donuts. The selling price is 2,000 yen.