Hanamaru Udon "Northern Limited Extreme Nibodon"

Hanamaru Udon in northern countries (Hokkaido, Aomori, Akita, Iwate, Yamagata) will be released on January 19th. Limited time until mid-March.

"Northern country limited extreme nibo udon" is a rich udon that spreads the taste of dried sardines, which is suitable for northern countries where the cold is even more severe. Hanamaru's special soup stock is added to the punchy sauce with a strong sardine flavor, which is made by mashing the whole sardines, and the thick and thick sardines are often entwined with the noodles. Add sardines and mackerel bonito flakes to the toppings to maximize the taste of the dried sardines.

Chicken char siu is made by boiling roast chicken in a special soup stock that goes well with udon noodles. In addition, by adding wakame seaweed and chopped onions, the aftertaste is refreshing and rich, and the finish is delicious.

Hanamaru Udon "Northern Limited Extreme Nibodon"

The price is (small) 540 yen, (medium) 640 yen, (large) 740 yen (all tax excluded). You can To go.

"Northern limited extreme udon noodles" that seems to warm your body. Why don't you enjoy the taste of dried sardines to your heart's content?