Tenya "Kakiage Curry Tendon"

At each Tenya store, "Kakiage Curry Tendon", which is made by sprinkling crispy kakiage and lotus root with curry sauce using several kinds of spices, will be sold as a new menu limited to the store. In addition, the "Early Spring Nokke Tendon" series, which is the first "Tendon Tenya" with ingredients from early spring such as yellowtail and Brussels sprouts from Oita prefecture, will be on sale for a limited time. Both will be available from January 14th.

Kakiage curry tendon

The price is 790 yen (tax included) with miso soup. A new product that can only be tasted inside the store, with spicy curry using several kinds of spices on kakiage (peeled shrimp, scallops, maitake, trefoil) and lotus root. Kakiage with a crispy texture is a harmony of seafood and vegetables. The spicy and spicy curry accents the appetite.

Material content: Kakiage (peeled shrimp, scallop, maitake, trefoil), lotus root, Fukujinzuke, curry

* Some stores do not sell * This menu is not eligible for To go or delivery

Early spring nokke tendon

The price is 820 yen (tax included) with miso soup. It is a seasonal bowl with ingredients from early spring, such as Oita prefecture's pumpkin buri and Brussels sprouts, which first appeared in the classic one-coin tendon.

Material content: Oita prefecture pumpkin yellowtail, Brussels sprouts, shrimp, squid, white fish, pumpkin, green beans

Tenya "Kakiage Curry Tendon"

* At some stores, white fish are red fish.

Early spring all-out bowl

The price is 960 yen (tax included) with miso soup. Tendon with early spring ingredients such as yellowtail from Oita prefecture, Brussels sprouts, abalone, and domestic cauliflower. There are plenty of ingredients that you rarely have the chance to eat.

Material content: Oita Prefecture yellowtail, Brussels sprouts, Ezo abalone, white fish (fried snacks), domestic cauliflower